Director of Data Operations & Governance

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The Director, Data Operations & Governance role is responsible for managing the platforms and processes that are central to the customer acquisition and engagement strategies. This role is responsible for defining and maintaining actionable, scalable data architectures that can drive and inform business decisions in real-time, supporting key functions including content development, business analysis, marketing, and sales. Of equal importance is implementing good data hygiene practices across the organization to drive consistent and complete customer data, and allowing us to better understand and segment our client base.


    • Proactively set and enforce data architectures across our systems to deliver consistent and actionable data-driven reporting and insights.
    • Establish and manage company-wide processes to drive disciplined and consistent data management in support of our customer data model, including data dictionaries and ERDs.
    • Proactively monitor data flows with and between our systems and platforms, identifying and fixing inconsistencies, lags, gaps, and issues, regardless of source.
    • Partner with the Product and Audience functions to set customer data governance standards for the entire organization.
    • Set and report on KPIs and other performance metrics to identify opportunities for improvement in our data collection, analysis, and processes.
    • Collaborate with the data analytics team to ensure consistent reporting that meets the needs of internal stakeholders.
    • Prioritize data needs by creating and managing a technology and process roadmap that supports key business outcomes.
    • Manage our data vendors and partners for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


  • Experience working in data governance or data support role  
  • Experience with data schemas and using ETL pipelines, data conversion components, and API interfaces
  • Experience with manipulating large datasets using SQL, Python, or advanced spreadsheet formulas
  • Technical proficiency in data structuring processes (i.e. ETL) and automation
  • Familiarity with BigQuery, Google Analytics or Google Data Studio
  • Excellent written and speaking communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Proven track record of ideating and executing on roadmaps
  • Proficiency in metrics-based decision making with an emphasis on reading and interpreting data 
  • Knowledge of Project Management tools such as JIRAa plus


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