Programmatic Campaign Manager

  • New York, NY
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  • Job ID #8082


A boutique firm of digital-media experts is seeking a Programmatic Campaign Manager.


  • Communicate company’s mission and value in any potential partnership
  • Operate the demand-side platform and also be the main point of contact with the client
  • Maintain the accuracy and organization of all bid management & trafficking processes as well as client interactions related to assigned campaigns
  • Manage reporting needs
  • Responsible for basic tracking and variable pixel set-up within Google Analytics and Tag Manager (this requires some basic, hobby level web programming skills or experience)


  • Must have: DoubleClick Bid Manager; The Trade Desk (strongly preferred); Microsoft Excel, Google Analytics and Tag Manager
  • Ability to draw compelling stories from numbers and data whether it is positive or negative
  • A passion for technology
  • Strong with Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to translate complexities for clients in emails and reporting decks using charts and words
  • Client-facing ability over email, on the phone and in-person as needed
  • Ability to educate others about programmatic buying and compare it to other forms of ad buying
  • Ability to understand and effectively communicate Grapeseed’s value proposition, technology, and processes
  • Execute and manage online media campaigns and programs for partners (e.g. auction/exchange based performance media, audience-based buying, remarketing campaigns)
  • Trafficking of campaign tags into ad exchange environments
  • Troubleshoot issues on all pre-production and live campaigns
  • Oversee and resolve weekly and/or daily campaign QA reports to ensure accurate campaign results and trafficking routines
  • Provide monthly auditing reports to partners & actualize bill/pay systems when applicable
  • Know when to be the learner and when to be the educator
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to ask questions and to always seek more efficient and superior means to any end